Additional services we offer:

Heat Treatment processes

– Induction Heating
– Quencing/Tempering
– Nitriding
– Anneal and Normalize
– Preheating
– Stress relieve

Coating & Painting processes

– Hard Chrome
– High velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF)
– Electrogalvanization
– Painting

Cladding process

Billy Rolls for grinding machines

We provide Billy rolls for grinding/brushing machines in reverse engineering.
The tungsten carbide coating of the surface, ensures an awesome wear resistance with savings of maintenance costs.
On request the surface can be coated with different materials.

CNC Frame Right

We offer more for you

Often times, different manufacturing processes represent an integrated step of machining process to the finished component.
KONELEKTRA cooperate with a selected range of trusted and qualified suppliers, in order to supply full finished components.

We can purchase the raw material and integrating the machining services, we provide our customers the additional services that make our company the perfect partner for all the components that required different manufacturing processes to become “ready for use”.

We can also assemble your parts into finished components